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With jumicar you target your advertising at young people. `Road Safety for Children` has a high approval rating and provides an excellent advertising platform.

Come on board: your advertising is sure to reach the 7 - 15 year olds (and their mums and dads).


You`ll hardly find any other medium that offers access to so many people in this target group. Everyone will see your jumicar advertising - on the cars, the helmets or on the perimeter boards around the practice track. These young consumers have money to spend at their own discretion and they have definite ideas about the clothes, shoes, games and sports articles they wish to buy, about leisure pursuits, food and drink, restaurants or travel destinations - in short the young are an interesting and brand-conscious target group.

jumicar junior-sized cars are excellent advertising vehicles.
The jeeps, convertibles and formula 1 cars are professionally decorated on all sides with your slogans or advertising message, using your original corporate colours. If you listen to the children, you`ll hear them saying "I want to drive the McDonald`s car!" or "I`m taking the Mobil Oil jeep!"

will come to your event as a special attraction.
Special events, trade fairs and exhibitions, open days, promotions, new car shows, company openings, presentations, markets, town festivals or at shopping malls, whatever your event, jumicar is always a hit with the children. At these special events the junior-sized cars can also carry your advertising. jumicar organizes hundreds of mobile events every year.

Highly effective PR: the media love jumicar
Since our work for more safety on the roads has such a high approval rating, astonishingly large numbers of reports and articles on jumicar appear in print each year or are seen on television.The photographers and camera teams help spread your advertising message to millions. For years we have registered between 600 and 1,000 articles a year in newspapers and magazines - with and without celebrities. That represents an average circulation of 300 million copies with readership, and an even higher reach. Add to that the TV reports on almost every channel and you`ll find these figures are comparable to those achieved for top sports events. And jumicar PR runs all through the year, non-stop and focused. Our PR work is prepared and executed by professionals. Your promotions or advertising specials thus have a much greater chance of being published. Call us: we would be happy to provide you with a documentary folder. Because advertisers commit themselves to working with , we are able to keep ticket prices affordable for all.


How you can advertise with jumicar for as little as 6.50 € per month!

  • Helmets and cars
    Convertible, jeep, formula 1 - exclusive advertising on each available surface
  • Giant Lettering
    on perimeter boards, hoardings and large containers
  • Your advertising in the jumicar folder
    our advertising on the cars photographed or your adus at insertion: roughly 1 million copies p.a.
  • Promotion specials
    e.g. adverts on tickets, children`s driving licences, road safety days, leaflets
  • Children`s birthday parties
    Your advertising on the invitation cards, souvenir posters, etc.

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