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jumicar licences for business start-ups

is registered and grants licences. With us you can set up your own new business.


jumicar is successful

with children:

  • learning through play
  • practical training just as in real-life traffic situations
  • a fun and highly motivating leisure activity

with parents:

  • more safety for their children
  • a meaningful leisure pursuit with instruction and supervision
  • low fares

with sponsors:

  • reaches age groups that can normally only be accessed through TV
  • image benefits from association with a worthwhile social cause
  • reasonably priced advertising space with a high level of attention
  • increased publicity
  • a crowd-puller at events

with urban and rural councils:

  • improves the region`s recreational value
  • attracts adults and children alike
  • creates new business for licensees and new jobs for their employees


jumicar in figures


1989 ( first site in Hamburg), first licence 1991.


Road safety practice circuits for children of all ages, both permanent and mobile locations (e.g. at town, school and company fêtes) with environmentally friendly, quiet, and motor-driven junior-sized cars.


jumicar is registered and grants licences.

Location of licenses:

In many countries. A listing you will find under the button "Locations"!

Master licences:

On request.

Own operations:

A model site in Hamburg.

Professional experience/education:

A liking for working with people, technical knowledge, business experience.


Low investment, starting from EUR 34.000,- (EUR 24.000,- with used cars), including a start-package with 5 junior-sized cars, the licence fees for 5 years, together with a complete equipment package and the marketing material.


Only € 1.200,-- per year.

Licensor's services:

Territorial protection, location analysis, circuit installation, preparation of advertising material, advertising suggestions and assistance, acquisition of major customers, common purchasing, training, regular exchange of experience, investment planning, detailed handbook, support in finding a site.

Term of license

5 years with an option on a further 5 years a.s.o.

Your income with jumicar


Market potential:

Depending on the location of the site and the mobile events, between 30,000 and 100,000 rides per year.


  1. Ticket sales
  2. Advertising on cars and helmets
  3. General advertising on the track
  4. Special events ( "JUMICAR mobile " at town, school and company fêtes; open days, car showrooms, shopping malls, etc.)
  5. Sale of jumicar merchandise (caps, T-shirts, etc.)
  6. Sale of ice-cream, drinks, sweets, coffee, etc.
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